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Hello and Welcome to Quaker Quest

We are an open minded faith community. Our real name is The Religious Society of Friends but we are better known by an old nickname, the Quakers.

The Quaker way of life is rooted in Christianity but differs in that we have always valued the individual’s relationship to the Divine over any forms, structures, creed or even the Bible.

Quaker worship is simple and this is reflected in the simplicity of our buildings which are called Meeting Houses.

Central to Quakers is the Meeting for Worship. Here in stillness, we can engage with the transforming power of love and truth. The experience can lead anyone present to share the insights gained within the Meeting.

The Quaker way has nourished generations of Quakers. Many have shared their insights in Quaker Faith and Practice, a book which also gives advice and counsel on the way we run our affairs.

Quaker Quest enables you to find out more about that spirit which inspires us.

What is worship?

The worship of Quakers is simple, waiting together in silence and stillness for worship is our response to an awareness of God.

To find out more about Quaker Worship, and where you can join us at our regular meetings, take a look at our Worship page.

Meetings and Discussions

In addition to Quaker worship, we hold other events and discussions throughout the year.

To find out more, including how to plan your own Quaker Quest event, please visit our events page.


To hear some first hand accounts of what it means to be a Quaker, please take a look at our videos page. Listen to Quakers discuss God, Christianity, Worship and Faith.

Click the link below to watch them.

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