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Quaker Quest publishes books and DVDs for newcomers. Here are details of those currently available from The Quaker Bookshop. They will soon be available from Amazon

Being a Quaker: A Guide for Newcomers

The first major introduction to the practical faith of British Quakers for over ten years, Being a Quaker: A Guide for Newcomers draws on Geoffrey Durham’s own experience and that of many other Quakers of today. This is a warm and incisive exploration of a distinctive religious group. With its well-judged balance of information, personal experience, spiritual guidance and practical advice – as well as an extensive list of recommended websites and other resources – it is the perfect first book for newcomers. £6.99

The list of recommended books and websites in Being a Quaker: A Guide For Newcomers is regularly updated.

To browse the updated list of recommended books and websites click here

To browse the updated list of recommended books for children and young people, click here

Twelve Quakers and God

What is God? Who is God? Or maybe the question is: Who is God for you? What is the name you use, what is your experience, your understanding? Twelve Quakers write from their own experience, starting from their own insights, not from any agreed statement of belief. Twelve pieces, twelve different viewpoints, yet each has been life-changing for the person involved. £2.50

Twelve Quakers and Worship

What is worship? It is our response to an awareness of God. The worship of Quakers is simple, waiting together in the silence and stillness. What is seen as important is the spirit in which you live and how worship helps you to help others. Seeking after God is not to escape from the world but to find the power to heal it. £2.50

Twelve Quakers and Pacifism

Some people who are new to Quakerism find that the word pacifism can prove to be a real stumbling block as they try to move forward. We hope that this book may be of use to them. The twelve Quakers who have written these pieces are of differing ages and backgrounds, and their views on pacifism differ too. We hope that readers will find the diversity stimulating and that this booklet may help them as they form—and perhaps change—their opinions. £2.50

Twelve Quakers and Jesus

What part does Jesus play in the Quaker faith? Do Quakers "believe" in the Bible? No one can speak for Quakers as a whole on these matters, but in this booklet twelve individual Quakers share their responses to these questions. The variety of the different approaches to the topic reflects the emphasis that Quakers place on each individual's speaking in a way that is truth for him or her. £2.50

Twelve Quakers and Evil 

What is the Quaker view of evil? How do Quakers judge someone like Hitler? Are natural disasters evil? How do Quakers respond? Can evil be forgiven? Quakers start from experience: they test their understanding against the wisdom of other Quakers, of people, of other churches and faiths. Most importantly, they worship, turning to the Light of God, to their deepest values. Twelve Quakers reflect here on evil and therefore also on goodness and forgiveness and trust. £2.50

Twelve Quakers and Simplicity

Twelve Quakers write about what simplicity means for them in their lives. The starting point for all is a manner of worship that is stripped of all inessentials to enable a clearer focus on the Divine. From their own experience, the writers tell of how they try to extend that understanding of simplicity to the way they live their daily lives, and what this means in a troubled world.   £2.50

Twelve Quakers and Equality 

In the seventh volume of this series, twelve individual Quakers explore their commitment to equality through their own experience. Topics include prisons, childhood and issues of race, gender and sexuality. All of them write movingly about their lives and their religion. We hope that his book will help those exploring Quakerism for the first time and Quakers, too, will find inspiration here. £2.50

Twelve Quakers and Faith

What is faith? Are faith and belief the same thing? What does having faith mean? Twelve Quakers write about what faith means to them in their lives, starting from their own insights, not from any agreed statement of belief. Twelve different accounts, written by twelve very different people, show the impact that faith has on each person's life, compelling and enabling each one to put their faith into action. £2.50

Also available from the Bookshop are two DVDs in which twelve Quakers speak from their own experience and insights. Each DVD has six Quakers speaking on one of four themes 'Experienceing God, Quaker Worship, Christianity and the Spiritual Path and Faith-in-Action. Each person speaks for six minutes on their developing faith in the theme and again for six minutes on how they try to put that faith into action. As with the booklets the team was not selected for their expertise in any subject and each person had no prior knowledge of the others' contributions. The DVD's are a Just Films Production.